Do you want to know all about astral projection? Then start with all the basic facts and read on to find out what astral projection is. The term “astral projection” is used to describe a phenomenon in which a person’s consciousness leaves his/her physical body and travels outside independent of it. This experience is also called out-of-body experience (OOBE), since the consciousness or mind or soul or astral body or whatever you wish to call it leaves the body.

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Hundreds of thousands of people claim to have experienced an astral projection or an out-of-body experience (OOBE) or an NDE. Real-life accounts of OOBEs have been published in various astral traveling books in the sixties and seventies.

The idea of consciousness leaving the physical body, however, is not new. The ancients knew exactly what astral projection is, perhaps more than we do now. The Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Theosophist, and Rosicrucian philosophies spoke about the astral body as a link between the soul and the physical body.

The ancient Egyptians spoke about the ability of the soul to leave the physical body in a subtle body, which they referred to as “ka.” The Egyptians also mentioned the silver cord, which links the astral body to the physical body throughout the life of an individual and is broken only at death. The Chinese and the Indians also knew about astral traveling and wrote about it in their texts.

However, if you ask the scientists and the rationalists what an astral projection, they might tell you that it is a “figment of the imagination,” “a trick of an over imaginative mind,” “hallucination,” or “something that cannot be taken seriously” because there is “no evidence” for it. Neurologists think that an OOBE takes place when the brain confuses between visual and tactile inputs.

How can people achieve an Astral Projection? Most of the time, it happens spontaneously. But sometimes, it happens in extreme situations such as tragic accidents or mental traumas. Drug and alcohol abuse can also lead to astral projection. Recently, a technological development called binaural beats claims to be an aid in achieving an Astral projection

There are innumerable techniques for people who wish to have the experience. Some commonly used techniques are relaxation, meditation, visualization, and so on. Adopt one that best suits you and experience this amazing reality for yourself.  For a quick explanations for beginners,  please check out this article:

Astral Projection – A quick Explanations For Beginners

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