There is a growing interest on astral projection techniques in recent years. You might have either heard about it somewhere, itching to know the basics or it might sound completely unfamiliar to you. But if you are one who has heard about it somewhere and want to know more about it, this article is specially written for you. This should certainly help you.

What is Astral projection?

Astral projection refers to a phenomenon that any human being can experience when his or her consciousness or awareness leaves the physical body to travel independently outside. In other words, it is the out-of-the-body experience (OOBE) where the mind or conscience or the soul leaves the physical body.

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Millions around the world claim to have experienced astral projections or an OOBE in their lives. Many books of the sixties and seventies talk about the experiences of such people. Astral traveling books then gained popularity and were read by thousands.

The whole idea of the awareness leaving a physical body to roam around independently is not new. Our ancestors knew what astral projection was, and perhaps more than what we know today. The Medieval, Classical, Theosophist, Rosicrucian and the Renaissance philosophies spoke about astral projection as a connection between the physical body and the soul.

“Ka”, referred to by the ancient Egyptians, is the ability of a human being’s soul to leave the body in a subtle manner. These Egyptians also spoke about the silver cord that links the physical body to the astral body through the life of a person. It is said to be broken only when the person dies. Not just the Egyptians, but the Indians and Chinese knew about astral projection and recorded about it in their books.

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Scientists and rationalists, however, might nip the bud when you ask them questions on astral projection. They would call it a mere hallucination or a figment of the imagination. Scientists would name such experiences as something that should not be taken seriously and try to tell you that these lack any evidence. But neurologists believe that OOBE occurs in human beings when the brain gets confused between the tactile and visual inputs.

Astral Projection Techniques

Now, the question is- How do you achieve astral projection? Is there a method to project? The answer to this question is quite simple. For most, it occurs spontaneously. But for some, this happens at extreme circumstances such as mental traumas or tragic accidents. Consumption of alcohol or drugs can also cause astral projections. A technological development known as the binaural beats, very recently, claims to have helped a few achieve astral projection. This could be one such method if it gains popularity over the coming years.

For the ones who wish to experience astral projections, there are numerous ways to do it. While relaxation, visualization and meditation are the easiest methods one could employ, many other techniques are also slowly surfacing. A method employed by one person can be difficult for another. So, choose the one that suits you and try to experience this unbelievable reality.

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